A Dictionary to Acid Reflux

Acid reflux has become a common problem in most people across the globe. Unfortunately, most people fail to recognize that they have this disease and when they do, it is too late. The reason is that most people are not aware of what this disease actually is, it's symptoms and the problems it comes attached with. It is very important to know all about this disease if you are serious about finding it out and curing it at the right time. Here is detailed information about acid reflux so that you know all about it.

Read on to enhance your general knowledge about this disease. What is acid reflux? Acid reflux is also referred to as 'Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD'. The disease is usually mistaken for heartburn. It causes a lot of discomfort inside the stomach, throat and heart. What causes acid reflux? The disease is usually caused due to the permanent or even temporary changes that occur inside the lining separating the stomach and esophagus. The ineffectiveness of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) or ephimeral relaxation of LES connected straight to a hiatal hernia may also result into acid reflux.

The whole process can even result into a gastric juices backflow towards to the pharynx or even mouth. There are also several other factors that contributes to acid reflux symptoms inside the stomach. These include cigarettes, caffeine, fatty foods, obesity, alcohol, delaying in the process of stomach emptying, pregnancy etc. In cases of obesity and pregnancy, pressures inside the abdomen increases. This results in pushing of the contents of the stomach back inside the esophagus.

Certain patients may also suffer from empting of the contents of the stomach inside the intestines at a very slow pace. There are also certain foods and habits that contribute to the occurrence and aggravation of this disease. Here is a guide to help you know these: a) Caffeinated drinks and alcohol These may easily result in acid reflux throughout the day. Soda may also result in acid reflux of the stomach. b) Fatty foods Foods high in fat can also result in acid reflux. These actually result in delay of stomach empting activity that enhances the chances of acid reflux.

c) Smoking Smoking also results in acid reflux. d) Spicy foods These tend to aggravate acid reflux. e) Acidic foods Acidic foods or those containing citrus juices contribute to acid reflux inside the body. A) Symptoms of acid reflux - Irritability - Hoarse voice - Trouble in sleeping - Weight loss - Pain when swallowing; Difficulty in swallowing - A Chronic cough - Persistent symptoms of asthma - Recurrent pneumonia - Arching the back when feeding - Anorexia - Failure to thrive - Recurrent abdominal pain B) Cure The disease can be easily cured via doing the following: - Abstaining from citrus foods, alcoholic beverages, colas, sodas and smoking - Avoiding fatty acids - Drinking lots of water - Reaching out to medical help on time.

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