Propecia Versus Natural Hair Loss Solutions

If you are new to finding products to help you with your hair loss, you may be finding the information you encounter a bit confusing. It's really not to hard to know what will work for you. In this article I put some of the issues you probably encounter in a perspective that's a little easier to understand.

Hair loss solutions fall into two camps, prescription (propecia) or natural hair loss products. I'm sure you are aware that there is currently no cure for baldness, but are you aware that you can effectively treat hair loss. If caught soon enough, prescription or natural hair loss solutions are available that can help you keep a full head of hair most of your life. The FDA gives it's stamp of approval for the prescription drug propecia and the medical establishment supports Propecia as an effective hair loss treatment.

Propecia does work. Like any hair loss solution, it doesn't work for everybody. Propecia as with any hair loss product generally become less effective the older you become. How soon you start your treatments after noticing that you are losing hair is also a big factor. Propecia is certainly a good choice for some people, but not necessarily the best choice for others. The possible side effects may make this a bad choice for some people.

You may not be aware that the FDA doesn't test the effectiveness of natural remedies so even though there is a lot of testing by scientist in the private sector, the results are rarely recognized by the FDA or Doctors that are in that camp as being viable or trust worthy results. The FDA exist for a good reason and that is to protect you and I from products that could be harmful or that don't work. Since natural hair loss solutions are herbal based, they do not come under the category of drugs. However, since the medical establishment is so closely tied to the findings and approvals of the FDA, they often do not give serious consideration to the mounting scientific evidence that indicate natural remedies do in fact work. Some of the most powerful DHT inhibitors are found in your natural hair loss remedies. Research for natural hair loss solutions has accelerated dramatically in recent years.

Scientist are discovering more and more effective natural compounds that inhibit 5-alpha-reductase (the enzyme that produces DHT), that block the androgen receptors and stimulate hair growth. Some of these active ingredients may include Gamma Linolenic acid (GLA), Alpha Linolenic acid (ALA), Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, Azaleic acid, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Saw Palmetto Extract, Beta-Sitosterol and Procyanidin Oligomers. All of these ingredients are clinically proven to be effective in the fight against DHT production.

In fact, these are the most powerful inhibitors of 5-alpha reductase known today, and not only that, they inhibit the Type II form of the 5-alpha reductase. One of the key benefits of the natural hair loss solutions is that the ingredients that are now being included will not cause side effects. However, some people are allergic to certain herbs so it is possible from an allergy stand point to have some reaction to natural hair loss products. No side effects are a key advantage of the best natural Hair loss products. An important advantage that some natural hair loss solutions have that can not be overlooked, is they have hair growth stimulants in them.

It is very important to inhibit DHT production and at the same time stimulate hair growth. This balance approach is what makes the natural baldness solutions even more effective. Yes, natural hair loss solutions are effective. It's important to know that not everyone gets the same results from a hair loss product. You may have success with one product and not have success with another.

It's also important to remember that there is no cure for baldness. Male or female pattern baldness is a condition you have to treat early if you plan to maximize hair retention through the remainder of your life. Another thing to keep in mind; the longer you allow male or female pattern baldness to progress, the more expensive it is to get it under control and see results.

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