Calorie Shifting Makes Counting Calories Work Faster

Counting calories can work - if done properly. When combined with calorie shifting - everything can be easier and the fat loss happens like clock work. Here is how to start calorie shifting your way to better nutrition and a better body. Now, depending on the time you get out of bed - kicking your day off with breakfast might not be the best way to begin meeting your daily nutritional needs - if your focus is on calorie management. Now, I know this goes against traditional advice, but read on to fully understand this approach as it applies to counting calories.

I've worked with clients in the past who have tried to eat breakfast (in many forms and variations) first thing in the morning, and they would find that doing this made them hungrier the rest of the day and it usually led to increased daily caloric intake - enough to cause long term weight gain. There are some people who wake up relatively early and start the day with breakfast and continue to eat relatively well throughout the day. Often, these types of people, although eating healthy foods, are taking in too many calories in the span of a whole day and either have trouble losing weight or continue to gain weight.

Now, for the caloric shifting part. We will talk about meal shifting (instead of calorie shifting) to keep matters simple - but understand, a meal is made up of calories. A simple strategy for those who find that keeping a lid on daily caloric intake is a challenge - is to push back the time that the first meal is eaten. Lets call this meal breakfast, even though some people may find it strange to call a meal eaten at 10:30 or 11 am, breakfast.

Rather than having breakfast at 6:45:30 or 8 am, you don't skip it, you just push it back a few hours - toward your normal lunch time. In effect, you are moving, most likely, 300 - 500 (maybe more) calories and taking them in at a later time, maybe 3 or 4 hours later than normal. Here is what happens to most people who I coach with this method.

They find they are not starving for a big lunch (which also gets pushed back a few hours - to about 2pm (give or take 30 minutes). Additionally, they are not ravenous by dinner time, when most people self destruct and do so until bedtime, by snacking after dinner. So, a result of this meal shifting is a reduction in 'overactive appetite' - not a bad reduction, but a healthy reduction - one that is very helpful in preventing one from over-stuffing the stomach and going beyond their daily caloric needs.

But - lets rewind a bit here. If pre-dinner food binges present a challenge for you, then calorie shifting should help you calm the urge to eat at the end of a work day and leave you in better control of keeping limits on your evening caloric intake. So, 'the calorie shift' is also helpful for people who snack every few hours once they do start eating.

By delaying when you start eating in the morning - you also delay the snack intervals you enjoy - and in effect you may reduce your total daily snacks to 2 or 3 instead of 5 or 6 (including your after dinner snack). When all is said and done, by days end you will have taken in less calories than you would have, had you started with an early breakfast. Common 'side effects' of this strategy are increased energy, less bloating and stomach discomfort, better sleep patterns and a few others. Hmmm - I wonder why? There are several factors inside of this calorie based fat-loss strategy to be aware of.

The types of foods you choose, the volume of foods you choose and the realization that you need less calories than you think you do to function optimally on a day to day basis. I also realize that this may go against the "You'll shut down your metabolism, by starving yourself!" crowd. But believe me, this is far from starving yourself, very far. Please note - this is a personal strategy that I've given to many people who were unsuccessful with mainstream fat loss dieting methods. Most importantly - it's something you can do too.

Joey Atlas, MS - Exercise Physiology, is the Bestselling author of the fitness book 'Fatness to Fitness' and the Author of the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover, Home Exercise Program for Women. Visit his sites for more free tips and articles from Joey.

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