Depression and Anxiety can be present at the same time

Depression and anxiety can sound like a major contradiction. However, these two problems often like to hang out together and they can make their host feel like they are a yo-yo. Depression and anxiety can make a person have low energy, phobias, panic attacks and more. To put it plainly, a person who has both depression and anxiety will experience the symptoms of depression and anxiety all at the same time. The good news is that depression and anxiety can be treated and no one has to feel that they have to live with either. A person who is depressed will generally experience despair, sadness, anger or hopelessness.

Energy levels are generally low and the person may feel overwhelmed with life and feel that it is just too hard to cope. A person who has anxiety will generally experience panic and fear in some areas in their life. A person with anxiety may start to worry intensely and this can make the anxiety manifest into physical symptoms such as panic attacks, changes in the gastrointestinal tract, shaking and more. Both depression and anxiety can quickly hamper a person's capability to maintain relationships, perform their work or even get out of bed in the morning.

No one can truly say why a person can have both depression and anxiety. However, what is known about depression and anxiety is that nearly 85 percent of people who have major depression are also found to have some sort of anxiety disorder. Of these patients, 35 percent of them will be diagnosed with a panic disorder. There is no doubt that someone who has both depression and anxiety has a lot of work to do to get back onto solid ground. Having both depression and anxiety intensifies the feelings of each and each can aggravate the other.

Unfortunately, the road to recovery is often longer for someone who has both depression and anxiety than it would be for someone who is just suffering from one or the other. The good news is that it is possible to overcome both. To beat depression and anxiety the individual must connect with a doctor who is capable of treating both. It is useless to treat just the depression or just the anxiety. Both problems must be addressed and treated. Many people who have depression and anxiety often benefit from one of the various anti depression medications that are on the market.

Which medicine that will be described will be incumbent upon the severity of the depression and anxiety, as well as the person's overall health, age, weight and so on. In addition to medication, people with depression and anxiety are generally encouraged to start some form of therapy. Therapy can help a person get to the root of their depression and anxiety, teach them coping mechanisms and help them identify targets which could make their depression and anxiety worse. By taking medication and going to therapy many people overcome their depression and anxiety and get back to leading their lives within a few months.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for depression treatment and depression clinic. She also writes articles for depression home remedies.

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