How Cinnamon Seems to Help a Diabetic with their Diabetes Condition

A startling connection was made lately between the use of cinnamon and the ability to prevent some of the diabetes symptoms. Cinnamon, used for a long time as a spice that assists with energy, this is a cheap form of help for the control of diabetes. With the sourced funding from the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation, Dr.

Richard Anderson enable the study on the possible cinnamon effects on diabetes At the United States Department Of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Research Center. He was able to isolate the sourced compound in cinnamon that is a responsible for a portion of the superb effects that this substance has on diabetes. This compound partially composed of specific type A. polymers, was found to lower the blood sugar effectively in those that have diabetes.

On top of that, it was found at these polymers decreased the diabetic patients total cholesterol by up to 26%. Lipoproteins with a lower density are known to be a bad type of cholesterol. These were lowered by 10 to 24% through the intake of these polymers, and triglycerides showed a decrease by 23 to 30%. Major importance should be given to this research by those that have this diabetes condition. Also possibly of more importance regarding this find are the effects that this substance can have on practically millions of people who have been found to have prediabetes.

This could possibly help delay the diabetes onset, and give those potential future diabetics time to learn about how to keep it from taking control over their health. These cinnamon polymers have been found to assist diabetics and two important ways; firstly, the substance was seen to make the enzymes that may hold the responsibility for decreasing the effects of insulin resistance. This could be of paramount importance for those with this condition which frequently has been caused by insulin resistance problem. Secondly, when diabetics ingest this compound substance, they were found to have increased sensitivity to insulin within their body.

This basely helped them more effectively distribute the insulin. Now, the polymers found as a result of the study have been extracted and clinically available to patients. The substance has been patented as a compound known as Cinnulin PF. The only approved version for use is a water-soluble extract of this compound. The substance should not be hard to find sense there are many different supplements that contain this. Another thing to note would be that it is important that a person with diabetes absolutely should not ingest high levels of normal cinnamon to try to get these effects.

When ingesting high levels of cinnamon, it has been found that it is toxic due to a fat soluble component it holds. If there is the chance that you are unable to purchase one of these supplements that contains the substance, you should only ingest a quarter to a full teaspoon of cinnamon in order to help your diabetes condition. It is also necessary to inform your doctor of this and any other supplements or medications that you take in order to help diabetes. It is helpful to know that the supplement to be added to various drinks including tea or milkshakes to make it more tolerable.

Don't think that you might want to eat apple pie because it has cinnamon in it. Apple pie or foods like it probably should be avoided for the most part because of the fat and sugar content.

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