Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

Omega 3 fish oil is a health and nutritional supplement that can have dynamic effects on your health and overall mood and vitality. However, now that the secret is out, there are more brands than ever to choose from. In addition to the myriad of different forms (capsules, powders, pills, etc.) available, some supplements claim to be "pharmaceutical grade.

" What does this mean, exactly? Specifically, pharmaceutical grade is the highest quality label for the ingredients present in a dietary supplement. When choosing ingredients for a supplement for their product, a company can choose from three categories: feed grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade. Feed grade means that the ingredients are fit for animal consumption. These ingredients should only be used for domestic and captive animals, like the ones at your local zoo. Your pet's veterinarian should probably be the only one who reads this on a supplement label. This leaves us with food grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients for the nutritional supplements available at your local health store.

While food grade and pharmaceutical grade are both fit for human consumption, it is important to distinguish the two. The difference between food grade and pharmaceutical grade usually comes down to potency and purity. However, with the help of some clever wording and marketing, some companies can make their products appear to be as potent and pure as pharmaceutical grade when they actually are not. The only way to truly tell if the product you are buying is pharmaceutical grade is if it is certified so by the United States Pharmacopeia. The United States Pharmacopeia, or USP, assures a quality standard for ingredients that would be necessary for distribution in hospitals and pharmacies. In addition to maintaining a standard for the purity of the raw ingredients, the USP also ensures that they are obtained from a reliable source.

Generally, this means checking that they are rotated on a consistent basis. Due to these factors, the benefits from using pharmaceutical grade supplements are more than simply getting more bang for your buck. Since food grade supplements can claim to be "ultra concentrated," they may seem to be the way to go for those who are searching for a deal. However, be warned that even the "Supplement Facts" label on the back of the bottle does not always paint the whole picture.

Finally, since the standards vary from country to country due to trade regulations, the only way to be sure about a supplements purity and potency is if it is certified by the USP. If you do your homework, the benefits of buying pharmaceutical grade supplements vastly outweigh the costs. Indeed, considering the ever changing climate of the health care industry, it may end up being the most cost effective choice in the long run. Since only pharmaceutical grade supplements can be guaranteed of their purity, they may just find their way into your next health insurance plan. With all of its benefits, omega 3 fish oil should find its way into your shopping cart as well.

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