Sugar: How Much Is Too Much?

What's the bottom line on sugar? Well, it's certainly contributing to the expanding "bottoms" of Americans!

Americans eat on average more than 160 pounds of sugar a year. That's too much! More than 61 percent of adult Americans and 14 percent of children are overweight. More than 37 percent of adults are obese, and the U.S. Surgeon General has declared obesity an epidemic, directly contributing to over 300,000 deaths annually.

Sweet Victory: 10 Ways To Kick The Sugar Habit's favorite energy coach Pamela Smith is ready to put you sugar junkies through her own personal rehab. You can check in any time you like. But the sooner you swallow her advice, the quicker you'll kick the sugar habit.

"Our blood sugar is one of the most powerful influences on our well-being, our ability to lose weight, and our appetite. From a chemical perspective, regulating bloods sugar levels is the most effective way to release our energy and fat-burning capacity.

"When our blood sugars are up and even, but not too high, we are brimming with energy and vitality and our appetite is in control. When the levels are bouncing widely and wildly, our energy, mood, memory, clarity of though and overall performance is apt to rise and fall along with them.

"Too much sugar and refined carbohydrates is a drain on anyone's energy metabolism, and a serious one for people with sensitive blood sugar responses. Your healthy goal is to learn the impact that food has on you -- and the dependency you may have on it...