Why Are High pressure Tanning Beds Are Safer And More Effective

If you don't fancy being trapped in a small, claustrophobic bed, high pressure tanning beds allow you to get the great tan you want without the headaches. High pressure beds are engineered with open sides so that most of the space around you is open. Additionally, these beds are engineered for people of all different skin tones. High pressure beds allow people with different skin tones to get the ultimate tanning experience by staying in the bed for the needed amount of time. Thus, instead of only staying a few minutes because you're skin is pale, you can tan for twenty minutes like everyone else.

However, high pressure beds can be extremely expensive. By purchasing used commercial tanning beds, you can save yourself money. Keeping Your Customers Happy Buying used can save you hundreds of dollars.

Although you may buy used tanning beds, you should still buy the highest quality tanning beds such as Sunquest, ProSun, and Sunvision. High pressure beds allow your customers to get a great tan without feeling closed in; this is especially important for people who may be claustrophobic. Commercial high pressure beds are becoming more diverse and creating better tanning than traditional beds. High pressure beds release fewer ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) waves so that tanning is safer and more effective.

One great alternative to high pressure beds is canopies. Canopy beds allow customers the same opening feeling and can cost less especially if you buy used. Wolff offers a great selection of canopy beds available both new and used through many providers. You can even choose a product like Pedi-Tan to help customers get tans only where they need them. Tanning is a high pressure business, and you want to get the most customers possible.

When choosing a high pressure bed, canopy, or other commercial bed, consider buying your new tanning bed online so that you can save money and still get a great tan.

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