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Are you feeling stressed out?

Many of us don't pay particular attention to what we're saying to ourselves. We've never been taught the importance of how damaging it can be to us nor have we been shown that we can use it to feel much better. You can literally un-stress yourself by using your own self-talk.

Listen in for �need-, -have-to-, -must-, type statements that you make to yourself.

Can't Sleep? Learn about Insomnia

It's three o'clock in the morning, and you can't sleep. You stare at the clock, aware that the alarm will go off in a few hours, but you can't sleep. You know you have a busy day ahead and need to be rested, but you can't sleep. No matter how hard you try, you can't sleep. You have insomnia.

Visible and Immediate Rewardsof quitting

Quitting helps stop the damaging effects of tobacco on your appearance including:

  • premature wrinkling of the skin
  • bad breath
  • stained teeth
  • gum disease
  • bad smelling clothes and hair
  • yellow fingernails